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"A diabolically funky bass is joined by the song of a fulani flute and the cadence of a vodou drum, and the cello bows under an incantation of the ancestors... a revelation and an evening of spellbinding music!" - MONDOMIX

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Hello dear Friends.

Welcome to our Patreon portal! We are so excited to share our most intimate work with you here: a cycle of love songs to the Orixás, a great pantheon of Afro-Brazilian deities that embody the forces of nature. 

Born in Brazil from the meeting of African archetypes, indigenous cosmologies and Judeo-Christian beliefs, these songs are invocations and portals that unfold into beautiful pools of devotion and celebration. They call on the healing forces of the wind, water, forest, fire, mineral and animal kingdoms; the angels and the Holy Mother; the White Moon, the Golden Sun, and all the guardians of sacred knowledge. It is a joy to sing these songs; and it is a joy to share and sing them with you.

In creating singable translations that capture both the poetry and precise symbolism of the original Portuguese, we hope our work will help build a bridge of understanding and deeper reverence for these forces of nature, as well as the extraordinary cultures that birthed them. 

Through our Patreon portal, we will send you a song downloads, new translations, writings on the Orixás, journalling, videos – as well as drum, clave, and rhythm lessons and practice videos.  And soon, we hope we can bring you a live performance of this song cycle, including songs of spirit and freedom from both continents, honoring our shared traditions, family roots, and the forces of life itself.

Thank you for your faith & support along the way.
We are so excited to be on this journey with you.
with love,
Bethany & Raquel 
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Bethany Yarrow sings music of power and praise. She is a song keeper, earth activist, and student of the spiritual traditions of the Americas. “Music and activism have always gone hand in hand in my life -- like an ethical, moral, and sonic compass encoded into my DNA," says Bethany, who devotes much of her time to alliance work addressing the climate crisis, land & water protection.

"These songs to the Orixás and the forces of nature have been such powerful teachers for me. They are like keys to a pathway of understanding – part of a river of song that connects me back to my most humble relationship with the elements and all the spirits. There is so much joy and freedom in singing these songs together and to all creation – to the rivers, mountains, forests and oceans. We feed life so it can feed us, and that is the beautiful, reciprocal relationship between humans and the natural world.

There is something very special and magical in these songs to the Orixás, which are connected to an original source of pure love and vitality. They are songs of devotion that have the power to correct, dissolve prejudice, build bridges of understanding, and remind us of our shared responsibility to protect the sacred and this beautiful Earth that we all call home.

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Raquel Pallares is a somatic therapist from Brazil who focuses on spiritual, emotional and mental healing through body/mind awareness. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Body Arts; is trained in Chinese Medicine, Seitai-Ho, Qigong and Butoh; is a certified Somatic Movement Educator, and a Certified Body Mind Centering® teacher.

Raquel grew up in the forests of Brazil, learning traditional songs and spiritual teachings from her mother, father and relatives in the surrounding native communities. Her DNA is a melting pot of roots and bloodlines, which are expressed in her life’s work towards unity and peace between all peoples.

Raquel has conducted workshops around the world on Body-Mind awareness, personal and group development, spiritual practice and daily integration. She currently works at a medical clinic in Sao Paulo and is dedicated to building bridges between conventional medicine and integrated healing practices.

Find Raquel on social media: Facebook | Instagram
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