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Bethany Yarrow - Rock Island | CD

Bethany Yarrow - Rock Island | CD

"Bethany Yarrow is the daughter of Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary, and so we might expect that she'd have a sense of the folk tradition, but what she does with and to that tradition is nothing short of brilliant. Her voice is rich, dark, and true... and it cuts right through to express all that the music needs... She has the rhythmic sensibility and depth of feeling to call forth the jazz and blues tradition and the breadth of textures to take a listener around the world. Yarrow's voice is stark and powerful, feeling both informed by years of tradition and yet brand new. This is American music that reaches out to invite and include so much more. Most of the songs have a sad undercurrent and yet at the hands of these two artists they emerge as shining songs for a new time."
-- Donald Elfman, ALL ABOUT JAZZ
  • Details

    1. Black is the Color3:59
    2. Pretty Polly 4:15
    3. Rock Island Line4:00
    4. The Swallow 4:07
    5. No More 1:14
    6. Another Man 2:47
    7. One True Love2:52
    8. The Cruel War3:26
    9. Pretty Horses4:05
    10. Oh Baby 4:27
    11. Swallow Reprise1:31
    12. Come To Me4:34

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