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RELEASE DATE: December, 2013

"Yarrow has a keen, dusky-voiced musicianship that blurs folk, rock and pop... Cappadocia's brilliance gives this music its remarkable sheen. His incredibly rich and amazingly clever." -- JAZZ TIMES



900 Miles


1. 900 Miles

2. East Virginia

3. Linin' track

4. The swallow

5. St. James Infirmary

6. Isn't that so?

7. If I had my way

8.No more songs

9. Fogiveness

10. Asturiana


"Filled with dust and desire.... their CD gets better and better with each listen!" -- AMAZON.COM 

"There's no denying that in a world where a lot of fluffy pop passes as folk, Bethany and Rufus - in taking a more original road - have come up with the real deal." -- ALLMUSIC.COM


BETHANY & RUFUS push the boundaries of American folk music far into unexpected territory. With a minimum number of voices -- guitar, cello, vocal and some percussion -- the duo creates colors and textures that suggest a world of musics coalescing. (All About Jazz)



"The duo sees themselves as roots...but the musical results are really beyond category, with touches of jazz, gospel and something contemporary. Their unique sound starts with Bethany's phrasing, which can be quite loose, even ethereal. Then there's Rufus' five-string cello - played pizzicato, jazz style and bowed, incorporating the bass range and world music rhythms... It's a bewitching chemistry."  -- Roger Levesque, EDMONTON JOURNAL


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