"A diabolically funky bass is joined by the song of a Fulani flute and the cadence of a vodou drum, and the cello bows under an incantation of the ancestors... a revelation of Les Nuits Atypiques Festival of Langon and the love at first listen of studio 105 of Radio France, the folk duo Bethany & Rufus have transformed themselves into a post-modern quartet for an evening of spellbinding music." -- MONDOMIX

 RELEASE DATE: December, 2013




1. Who's gonna be your man?

2. Linin' track

3. No More

4. If I Had My Way

5. Sail Away Ladies

6. This Train

7. Death Don't Have No Mercy

8. Iraq

9. On Death

10. St. James Infirmary

11. 900 Miles

12. Mary Mack